You guys, it's royal wedding time!

I've gotta hand it to them - the British royals sure know how to beat the post-Thanksgiving Monday blues! 

A bit of background: I had an absolutely execrable travel day on Sunday. My flight was delayed twice, leaving me stranded at the airport with nothing to do but people-watch, pester all my friends with inane text conversations, and have a drink. Okay, drinks. Then we boarded, were delayed 45 more minutes on the plane before leaving MSP, circled SFO for an additional 40 minutes before landing, were delayed a half hour on the tarmac THERE, and had to wait an extra half hour for our bags. This conspired to a: make me fairly Scroogey, and b: put my head on my pillow somewhere in the vicinity of 1am. 

I had one of those panic moments when I woke up, convinced I had slept through my alarm. So I checked my phone, to find it was 5:40am and that I had a weirdly high number of middle-of-the-night text messages. So I checked them. And immediately SCREECHED at the top of my lungs - royal engagement OH MY GOD. 

I'm perhaps too obsessed with the British royal family. I think Kate Middleton is the best, and I love the Queen and Prince Philip. George and Charlotte and their smooshy cheeks fill me with happiness every time they're out in public. But Prince Harry? Secretly my favorite. I've had a petite crush on him since his army-man days, and I have a lot of respect for the work he's done with children and veterans in recent years. Plus, he seems like a bit of a troublemaker at heart...and I love a troublemaker at heart, of course ;) 

Imagine my delight when he stirred everything up by starting to date a divorced, American, half-black actress. And that delight only grew yesterday on seeing them together, first at the photo call in his mother's favorite garden, then watching their absolutely adorable engagement interview (check it out here if you haven't already, it makes me incandescently happy!). A few thoughts...because you KNOW I have thoughts: 

- I love that she wore kickass heels and a sleeveless dress (and no nylons!) for her first official appearance. I want her Aquazzura shoes BADLY but, alas, way out of my budget. And the whole bare shoulders thing? Way to start shaking things up right away, Meghan!

- They are SO GROSSLY, ADORABLY IN LOVE. The way they look at each other is beyond sweet, and the way they interact just seems so natural and comfortable and perfect. 

- Comparing this interview to Kate and William's, seven years ago, it's clear that Meghan is much more polished and confident than Kate was.  A few factors here: Meghan is accustomed to doing press and interviews due to her role as an actress, and she and harry are, respectively, seven and four years older than Kate and William were at the time. I was still so thrilled to see how natural and charismatic and warm Meghan came across...she seems like the kind of woman I would love to have a long, chatty lunch with (champagne mandatory). 


- Favorite bits of the interview: the part about the corgis loving her right away, and the tiny little shiver-shimmy thing Harry does when their interviewer mentions Meghan "gaining a husband." He is THE CUTEST. Be still my heart.

- One of my funniest friends sent me this after learning of my complete freakout, and I laughed my ass off, subsequently shared it with every one of my royal-loving friends, and saved it to share here: 

IMG_3621 (1).JPG


And there you have royal obsession still going strong. Even though my favorite ginger prince may be off the market, someday my prince will come and, in the meantime, we have a royal wedding to look forward to, WHEE!