my Golden Globes best and worst

I love awards season. Something about the combination of everyone getting really dressed up, actors giving heartfelt or humorous speeches, and an excuse to watch ALL THE MOVIES really gets me going. Last night kicked off the big awards season for 2017, and I (of course) spent an obscene amount of time today picking out my best and worst of the red carpet. 

Without further ado: 

1. Brie Larson

This, in my eyes, is just about perfect. She looks so incredibly polished and glamorous, and it just screams "Old Hollywood" to me. Plus, the fit is perfect - no unfortunate boob issues (ahem, Anna Kendrick in Vionnet, no THANK you). So gorgeous and classic. 

Other faves: 

Lily Collins in Zuhair Murad

While I hate the hair (HATE IT), what a stunning princess dress this is. The detailing and close-ups shown during the pre-show all blew me away...the applique, the's sheer princess and I think it's utterly perfect. 

Emma Stone in Valentino

Again, hi, it's so on-the-nose and I completely love it. For her to be as fair-skinned as she is and pull off this color is unbelievable too. Looking forward to seeing what she pulls out for the rest of the season!

Simone Biles

My obsession with the Final Five has, if anything, grown more intense since the close of Rio 2016, and Simone is fueling the fire. She wore gold, which is SO appropriate given, duh, Golden Globes, not to mention her myriad gold medals. Also of note: She's 4'8" and brought hot swimmer Conor Dwyer as her date. There are darling photos makes my life. She knocked this one out of the park - 10/10. 

One of my utter favorite trends of the night was all the yellow dresses - there were so many, and I didn't even include them all here! I've long loved yellow (I blame Belle) and wore a (hideous) yellow gown to my senior prom - these ladies elevated it so much. 

Reese Witherspoon in Versace was one of my favorites...

...while Natalie Portman looked so flawless and just the right amount of vintage for her "Jackie" nomination. Oh my god, she's just so effortlessly radiant. 

Favorite yellow dress, though? The inimitable Viola Davis in shimmery Michael Kors. 

The cut, the color, the's all flawless. This might actually be my favorite of the night (sorry Brie). Her speech, too, was so heartfelt and lovely. What a class act. You win, Viola. 

Onto the worst...

1. Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen

Miss Havisham called, she wants her nightgown back. I understand wanting to go high fashion/couture for an event like this, but the Globes, I think, are not quite this edgy. Also, I'm sorry, it's just a sad, tattered, ragged unfortunate nightmare. Go back to Grey Gardens and hide this in the VERY far back of the closet, Nicole. 

Other notable misses: 

Janelle Monae in Armani Prive

Whoa, wow, ow, just way too much going on here. As a chronic lover of black-and-white, I usually adore that it's all she wears, but this is like a crazy drug dream. If like two elements had been taken out, between the bubble hem and the high-low and the polka dots and the netting and the sequins and the hair, I could totally have gotten behind this. 

Jessica Chastain in Prada

This is just kind of meh to me, and it's doing sad weird things to her boobs. I've seen her on some of the best-dressed lists and I really what is with her hair being slicked SO tightly to her skull? Not a fan. 

Speaking of dresses doing sad things to boobs...

Mandy Moore in Naeem Khan

Mandy Moore. When you are nominated for a Golden Globe, your boobs should not look like sad flat pancakes flopping around in navy blue tulle. Jamie in "A Walk To Remember" would NOT approve. 

Sarah Jessica Parker in Vera Wang

Stop letting Maria Von Trapp do your hair and give you fashion advice, SJP. Even Carrie Bradshaw would side-eye this one. 

Carrie Underwood in Iris Serban

This could have been so, so chic with like 30% fewer ruffles, and in black. But I'm of the opinion that everything is better in black. As it stands, it looks like she got attacked by a cotton-candy machine. 

And, sadly, Claire Foy in Erdem.

While Lily Collins's princess moment won me over, Claire (who plays Queen Elizabeth II in "The Crown") did NOT look like a princess. That said, her makeup and hair were phenomenal (see the article here, I'm obsessed) and her speech was my favorite of the night, particularly this quote: 

"I really, really, really wouldn't be here if it wasn't for some extraordinary women, and I'm going to thank them. One of them is Queen Elizabeth II. She has been at the center of the world for the past 63 years, and I think the world could do with a few more women at the center of it, if you ask me."


Other faves for the night: this little squad of cuties: 

Apparently the "Stranger Things" squad won the red carpet hands-down, and they, along with the little honeybun from "Lion," were my faves. Much like darling Jacob Tremblay from "Room" spotting the Star Wars droids last year, the part when Dev Patel lifted up the little guy to the microphone utterly melted my heart. 

On to the next show! If you need me, I'll be swanning around in a couture gown and diamonds to practice.