Things I would do if I wasn't 100% overscheduled already:

1. Sleep for approximately 14 hours to get all caught up.

2. Get my grown-out manicure fixed.

3. Linger at a coffee shop all day and read everything by Graham Greene in one sitting (newly obsessed). 

4. Actually address the 300+ emails piling up in my inbox instead of following the triage method. 

5. Call back the 4 people who I owe phone calls to. 

6. Make this insane coffee cake. (This one is actually happening in time for Saturday's ND-Syracuse "gamebrunch," yesssss!)

7. Read every drop of coverage on the internet about a: Kate and William's Canada tour and b: what on earth to do to salvage my fantasy football team. 

8. See my family. See my friends. Thank them for their patience with my general basket case-ishness lately. 

9. Go smell every fall candle at Target. It's therapeutic, I swear. 

10. Blog. Right. This space has stopped being a priority just for this crazy season, but I promise I'll be back soon.