From the iPhone archives

Well that was a nice, unintended, accidental two-week vacation from the blog, huh? 

I've been, as usual, running around the Midwest like a chicken with my head cut off, having entirely irresponsible amounts of fun. Winding down summer internship stuff with work and ramping up the employee giving campaign has kept my days full, and coming home every night to happy hours, dinners, Em in town, and general social overflow has ensured my usual rigid 10pm bedtime exists only in my imagination. Add to that a wild and crazy Labor Day at Greg's cabin and a quick trip to Chicago to celebrate Laura's OMG 30th birthday, and there you have it...all quiet on the western front! 

Here's a peek at what I've been up to in the last month-ish: 

--rambling through Uptown's prettiest hallways...remembering to look up even on the busiest days


--Serving as a case study judge for Gopher Business Days, a summer camp for high schoolers at the University of Minnesota

--loving the curb appeal at Café Lurçat

--getting caught in downpours during the rainiest summer on Minnesota's record since the early 1900s

--but enjoying the calm before/after the storms

--BLITZING through "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" (and already planning on seeing it on my next work trip to London)

--rocking the "Drunk 1" and "Drunk 2" tanks with Kelsizzle at her annual cabin weekend

--getting up (and leaving) cabin weekend early enough to catch an absolutely insane sunrise

--deeply appreciating Northern Minnesota

--toasting Grandma Lo with Jodester...Cosmopolitans at the St. Paul Grill

--laughing at these two goons

--always always looking up

--no, really, always always always looking up (and falling over my own feet in the process)

--hitting Rojo with Hannah and Kristi for good life chats and the best guacamole

--finally paying my framer a visit with art from Paris 2015 and Scandinavia 2016 (it's about time) (stay tuned!)

--playing lunchtime hooky with coworker Cousin Matt on his 27th for free crème brûlée

--getting caught in the rain (again) in Loring Park

--enjoying old-meets-new juxtapositions after a failed Skyline Mini Golf attempt with Hal on roomie date day

--loving pretty knickknacks on my bookshelves

--cheering on the Saint Paul Saints during the annual work Field Day

squeezing in one last "namaste" at the last Lake Harriet Yoga Project of the Summer

--and popping over for after-work laps that begin and end at the Bandshell

--sipping Bellinis and gin martinis on the roof of Louis with yiddle brudder

--cutting through the official cutest alleyway in Minneapolis en route to church

--and off-roading home through Loring Park

--taking chilly sunset boat rides on the coldest Labor Day weekend I can remember

--living for sunsets from the boat

--repping Team Kenya (Marlee rocking the role of Baby Simba, clearly) at the Second Annual Lake Francis Labor Day Beer Olympics

--enjoying the first overall draft pick in this year's office league (hello Antonio Brown, please win it all for me)

--amassing an embarrassing number of tickets to arts events in the Twin Cities...and still waiting on the orchestra season tickets to show up! 

--living that margarita life before my Chicago flight

--debating which non-essential organ to sell for this view from Laura's roof

--toasting the birthday girl with inordinate amounts of champagne, housemade pasta, and "grown-up Butterscotch SnackPack dessert." 

--toasting to birthdays, frosé, friendship, and fall during Basic Bitch Birthday Weekend


Hi, campers. MIssed you.