Sunday Brunch: Moose & Sadie's

Once upon a time, the ladies formerly of Book Club (where we never actually read the book, we just drank wine and talked about boys, BASIC) decided to go to sunrise yoga at Lake Harriet on a Saturday morning. It happened to epically thunderstorm that morning, so we naturally couldn't go to sunrise yoga and hot-routed to the next best option: BRUNCH, DUH. 

Anna and Caroline had church in the North Loop, so Hannah and I met them and we checked out Moose & Sadie's, a spot that's been on my list for actual years. 


Popped in the North Loop right next to Martin Patrick 3, Moose & Sadie's has all the charm and trendiness one would expect from the neighborhood. Exposed brick, giant windows and pretty outdoor seating set the vibe for a great casual girls' brunch. 

Score: 7/10


Ginger mint limeade. I repeat, ginger. mint. limeade. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin at the mere memory. It was so fresh and SO refreshing. Very different, very flavorful, very intense...Anna and Hannah ended up cutting it with a little water, but I, being a champ, chugged it. 

Score: 10/10


Enjoy that close-up of the banana chocolate chip muffin that I shamelessly housed. (Hannah and I split one, to be fair.) It was dense and rich in ways I didn't know a muffin could be those things...I feel like I'm not even making sense in describing it because it was just that good. 

I ate about 3/4 of this giant omelet with caramelized swiss chard, goat cheese and pancetta before I had to call it quits. I get really weird about omelets...sometimes they're disappointingly sparse on the filling, which is the whole point of an omelet anyway...the egg is legit just there to wrap it all up. This omelet totally satisfied in that regard, and left me a very happy camper as a result. Totally recommend the feature omelet, for those picky people with really high brunch standards like me. 

Score: 9/10

Check out Moose & Sadie's for yourself's a great spot to start a day of North Loop exploring! All the rest of the brunch dish here, as usual, obviously. Happy dining!