Inventory: June 2016

As of 8pm last night...

Making: time for myself after a long stretch of being way too busy. 

Cooking: Italian herbed chicken in my crockpot for a week of lunches.

Drinking: leftover sangria from Eva's bridal shower yesterday.

Reading: everything I can find on the internet about #Brexit.

Wanting: my art from Scandinavia and Paris framed for my gallery wall. 

Looking: forward to a doubleheader wedding weekend at the end of July.

Playing: around on Tinder way too much. 

Listening: to Verité's "Underdressed" on repeat. 

Wishing: to be better at making decisions. 

Enjoying: yoga at Lake Harriet...I'm addicted. 

Waiting: impatiently. 

Liking: the peace and quiet of a clean, cool, empty apartment. 

Wondering: if I can get away with wearing white pants to work tomorrow. 

Hoping: that I'm right about everything I think I'm right about these days. 

Marveling: at the spectacle of Pride, and all the joy and love and celebration that is still raging outside in Loring Park. 

Needing: sleep. Always. 

Smelling: the aforementioned chicken cooking. Domestic goddess status. 

Wearing: new floral leggings and a yoga tank from Old Navy because I am now a #basicyogabitch.

Following: up with my interns, constantly, all summer long. 

Noticing: how freckled my nose is eek. 

Knowing: that I need to not hit snooze tomorrow, and therefore need to get to bed early. 

Thinking: about Norway...a daily occurrence since we got back. 

Bookmarking: gowns on Rent the Runway for the various fancyyy events I have coming up. 

Giggling: at the "Classical Fuck" Instagram account, which I find hilarious. 

Feeling: weirdly at peace yet anxious.