Moving up, moving out, moving on

Hi friends. It’s been way too quiet around here for way too long and, for that, I apologize. In classic April fashion, things have been tumultuous and incredibly busy and transitional, and as we all know, I handle all of that extremely well. Ha!


For starters, the most exciting news: I got promoted! It was completely out of the blue, and I was, accordingly, totally unprepared. The promotion comes with a really cool expansion of my role into areas I’m very excited about – lots of working with new people, taking on extensive and high-profile leadership roles, and best of all, mentoring and working with interns and new hires in a way that I have always found enjoyable and deeply meaningful. Since I don’t talk a lot about my specific job or company here, that’s all I’ll share for now…but it’s been a true whirlwind and I’m finding my day-to-day so much more exciting and engaging than I have for a long time as a result.

Along with that promotion, my company offered me a spot on the board of a non-profit we’ve always extensively partnered with, and I’m completely in love. The program works in Twin Cities-area schools to help at-risk or traditionally disadvantaged students gain a strong foundation in the business world from day one of their freshman year of high school. Through the program, their curriculum offers them innumerable opportunities to engage with colleges and professional environments, ultimately leading to eventual scholarships, internship placements, and eventually (ideally!) job offers from companies like mine. I’ve only been on board for about a month now, but it’s been a huge eye opener to see what goes into serving on a board, both from an advisory and a practical standpoint.

And finally, in the most bittersweet and angst-causing revelation of all…I’m moving! To make a long and torturous story very short, my current corner penthouse apartment comes with corner penthouse apartment prices, and my lovely friend Hal is in a similar boat. We decided we were both tired of paying rent that makes our eyes water, and ended up making the decision to move in together to enable our champagne taste on a budget.

After a lot of frustration and drama (trying to move from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom in my building, the whole process of lease-breaking, and of course apartment-hunting in general!), we decided on a gorgeous, character-filled building literally around the corner from my current Loring Park pad. Built a hundred years ago, the building has been fully renovated to beautiful, spacious, modern apartments while maintaining its original charm, and I’m obsessed, but also incredibly sad to say goodbye to the Chateau de Liz so much earlier than planned.

Bottom line: all this transition has left me reeling a bit! Then throw in the usual friend activities/relationship angst/general “omg I’m 27 what am I doing with my life” soliloquizing and you have me, retreating from the blog, trying hard to get myself back in check before I launch back into this space. That said, I’m feeling really good about a lot of things now and can’t wait to get back into my normal routine again…or to create a new normal that encompasses all these wonderful, exciting, terrifying changes.

Here’s to April, campers!