Inventory: Spring 2016

Making: a giant mess in my apartment in the name of cleaning everything out before my move!

Cooking: over the weekend: a giant batch of homemade French onion soup. 

Drinking: a literal gallon of water trying to fight off migraines. 

Reading: a biography of Edward VII, The Night Circus (again), and the Twitter feed of the NFL draft. 

Wanting: to sleep through the night. 

Looking: out my window at absolutely pouring rain.

Playing: with all my cards on the table.

Listening: to my crazy "Orch Dork" playlist on Spotify (currently, Sibelius A Minor.).

Wishing: for time to speed up. 

Enjoying: checking things off my absurdly too-long to-do list. 

Waiting: for weekends.

Liking: where things are headed. 

Wondering: when the heck it's going to stop raining and start feeling like spring. 

Hoping: that May is as wonderful as it is busy. 

Marveling: at my immaculately clean pantry and closet. 

Needing: sleep, patience and a less analytical approach to everything. 

Smelling: a lemon candle burning on my stovetop. So domestic. 


Following: my heart (#BASICBITCH). 

Noticing: how sore today's gym session left me. 

Knowing: that I will get through everything on the absurdly too long to-do list. 

Thinking: about the logistics of accomplishing everything. 

Bookmarking: bachelorette party games. 

Giggling: at our family group text, always. 

Feeling: excited and giddy and a little apprehensive and a lot hopeful.