a slow-mo filter for life

Ahhh why does it seem like 2016 is going by so fast? Wasn't it just Christmas? How the heck is Easter in two weeks?! I need a real-life version of the Snapchat slow-mo filter to throw on life in general right now, because life in general right now has been so incredibly delightful. 

A few quick snippets: 

I've been spending a ton of time down at the Lakes lately, given our three weekends in a row of insanely gorgeous weather. The people-watching (and, more importantly, puppy-watching) has been off the hook as everyone seems to share my slightly stir-crazy need to be outdoors. 

Even the ducks are starting to come back and be adorable hanging out on the ice and paddling where the water's open. I'm so anxious for summer every time I head down there...probably my favorite part of a Twin Cities summer! 

A colleague stuck this up outside my cube last week, and made some joke about how it sounded right up my alley. All I was thinking was "why not ice cream AND wine?"...but not going to lie, I'd totally line up for a truck playing "La Vie en Rose" and selling Sancerre. 

Had a quick lunch/brunch with Claire last weekend and loved this quote on the checkout counter. It made me incredibly happy and, honestly, gave me a tiny little moment of peace. I'm really hard on myself about hindsight and tend to forget sometimes that I can only go forward. Here's to learning backward, though! 

Puppy snuggles with Hannah's roommate's dog last week. It's so bad, team...I'm getting puppy fever in a big way. The problem is, I also have insane travel fever and stay-out-late-when-I-want-to-fever and general lack-of-responsibility-for-a-living-thing fever...so for now I sigh and die over the dogs at the lakes and get my cuddles on with friends' pets whenever possible. Someday, though... 


Last Saturday I celebrated multiple birthdays (and 70 degrees!). Brian threw a poker party at his and Rachel's gorgeous new home in Lakeville, and since I have no idea how to play poker, I got to hang out with the wives and girlfriends chatting, drinking and enjoying the sunshine. I also demonstrated that I have zero ability to play bags slash that I need to continue to learn how to tailgate. From Brian's, I headed to Kelsie's birthday celebration, in which we drank giant green beers and people-watched the St. Patty's crowd at Moose Country! I love this girl to pieces and loved even more that I've celebrated her birthday for over ten years now. 

Snapchat-chatting with a guy friend from college band during "The Bachelor" absolutely cracked me up. For the record, I was Team Lauren B, so I was thrilled that she won (you know, as thrilled as a girl can be about a totally contrived and produced reality TV show...). Getting Alex's perspective, though, was hilarious and wonderful and gave me way too much scope to play with Emojis. (Are Emojis a proper noun? Should that be capitalized? These are the things I think about...)