a quick happy friday shout-out

To the women who made my week this week: 

-Emily for our continual hilarious delightful sister text. I'm so freaking excited that we're essentially finally becoming the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler duo of my dreams. 

-Hannah for lake walks, heart-to-hearts, and puppy snuggles/wine/"The Bachelor." Not many friends would wait two whole days to watch that. The fact that you did...man, girl, inner circle stuff right there. 

-Claire for the boost I needed when I needed it, for silly-face Snaps and letting me know when I've said or done exactly the right thing at the right time. (And for sharing Rabes with me so I can get my political talk fix on whenever I want to.)

-The coworker who gossips with me about everything including the people we sit by, the new cubes in the annex, my new shoe-boot-trendy-footwear action, and everything under the sun. 

-Colleen, whose Lenten notes to tell others how much they mean to her have totally inspired me. My note came at the perfect moment, utterly warmed my heart, and is now residing on my pinboard so everyone else can see that someone fabulous thinks I'm fabulous.

-Kelsie, who sympathizes, motivates, makes me laugh, and always, always says yes to margarita dates. Can't wait for Monday Kelsizzle. 

It was International Women's Day this week, and I know that the women I've mentioned above aren't exactly the first who come to mind when you think of the mission and goal of the day...to give voice to the voiceless, to remind the world that there are still women all over the place who are disenfranchised and economically disadvantaged. Still, I always get a little extra warm and fuzzy toward the ladies in my life who are there day in and day out empowering me and making me laugh and supporting me. I can't help but utterly love the people who don't make the "Um, you're acting kind of crazy now" face when I start acting, um, kind of crazy. And to those stalwart women, I raise my coffee cup in solidarity and gratitude...so much love. Happy Friday!