Cab yourself a merlot little christmas...Schwegs in Sonoma!

Off we go! 

Last Easter, my parents and I were pregaming Mass at my old apartment when Jodester brought up the idea of skipping Christmas. Well, not skipping Christmas, per se...but skipping our traditional Schwegfam festivities in Lakeville in favor of an adventure in Pacific Time! 

My parents love wine country, and with three children of legal drinking age, what better way to spend the holiday season than in warmer climes, drinking wine and having adventures? Answer: there is no better way. Especially in light of the Schwegwomen's success in Champagne in May 2015!

We've planned a few outings, including a couple days in San Francisco and Christmas Day with the redwoods, but are largely going with the flow. 

I can't wait to sample California "champagne," sip sauvignon blanc in our house's hot tub, and act like I have a finely developed palate (slash, work on developing it!) at tastings. Most of all, though, I'm excited to reunite with these two: 

And spend some time with my four favorite people. I'll be posting from Sonoma, including more of our Scandinavia trip, some holiday adventuring, and updates on what we're up to, so pop by! Or make like me and pop champagne. 

Happiest holidays, campers. Love you all oodles and bunches!