Finding my "hygge" in the Polar Vortex...

It's currently 3 degrees in the Twin Cities, with a windchill of -18, and I just realized I left my lunch on the counter/have to venture out into this crap. I CAN'T DEAL. 

Seriously, this polar vortex coupled with a malingering cold/sinus infection has sapped me of any semblance of Christmas cheer. My nose is so chapped and irritated that it legit started bleeding at happy hour last night. I get home every night, and essentially say "screw it" to the half-decorated tree, noble intentions to get presents dealt with, and plans to go to the gym. It's pretty much straight-to-bed for me, to burrow under covers and ignore the chill coming off our picturesque-but-drafty 100-year-old windows. 

A Facebook friend shared this article this morning, about the Danish concept of "hygge," and I checked myself for a minute (as I sat sulking at my desk still wearing my Uggs and giant scarf). It's only December 14th. And we had the most unreasonably beautiful fall ever this year. If I'm already feeling this negative and bitchy, after just one cold snap, during the purported "most wonderful time of the year," what the heck is going to happen to me come January, February, and March when it's STILL sub-zero? 

"Hygge" roughly translates to "cozy," and the principle centers around reframing the negatives of this time of year to positives...filling a season of cold and darkness with warmth and light. Sounds right up my alley, as the usual resident Little Miss Sunshine...

So I'm searching for hygge in the daily grind, and finding it all over the place: 

Hot chocolate, cozy socks, my polar bear rug, and snuggling up for an afternoon (GOD I MISS THAT FIREPLACE!!! Ahhhh Chateau de Liz!!!!!)

Giant, woolly sweaters...and delicate pretty jewelry to offset the mammoth effect. 

Sipping a glass of red wine and admiring the Christmas tree, which I am bound and determined to actually finish decorating tonight.

Admiring Christmas cards from loved ones. 

Even better, spending some quality time with loved ones: cocktails NOT optional, festive environs strongly encouraged. 

Here's to kicking my bad-attitude approach to the season to the curb, and finding happiness and hygge and giggles all around. Meanwhile, Minnesota friends, stay warm!! And if you want to come over for wine and an ABC Family holiday original movie marathon, hit me up!