the LS Love List: November 2016

Hi friends. 

I'm kind of hungover and more than kind of exhausted after a night of too much wine and too much politics. As usual, "Hamilton" has the words I need to say: 

"There is no more status quo...but the sun comes up, and the world still spins..." ("What'd I Miss?")

It's quite a day, and everyone is grumping HARD at least around this office, so without further ado, a little much-needed (at least by me) frivolity. Lately, I've been...


-"The Crown" on Netflix, in just over three days. Unbelievably gorgeous costuming and sets, a topic I love (QEII and her early reign) and yummy Matt Smith as Prince Philip, yes please. (Desperately trying to find Claire Foy's's the perfect rose-red.)

-"The Boss," also on Netflix. A recommendation from Michael, this one had me totally gripped from the start. As he described it, it's a "House of Cards"-esque show but set in Chicago and starring a fictional mayor as his life unravels with a neurological disorder. Utterly riveting. 

-"Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?," but skeptically and usually while doing other things. I'm a shameless "Bachelor" franchise-lover, but this one might take it too far into scripted and lame. Also, Ben and Lauren are, frankly, incredibly dull. Eh. I'll watch so I'm up to date for their eventual televised wedding. 

-I am also ridiculously, absurdly, stupidly excited for the premieres of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" on Nov 25 and season 3 of "Mozart in the Jungle" on December 9. Like...don't text me, don't call me, don't so much as Snapchat me on those days because I will be in my flannel grandpa jammies watching both with absolutely no room for outside distraction. 


-this Old Navy shift dress on repeat, which was a $10 score on a clearance day. Might have to get it in other colors. (I wore it to vote and to a Friendsgiving/election party last night...plenty of room to stuff myself with stuffing, and pretty and cheerful enough to survive even long voting lines and stressful election results.)

-this J.Crew Factory puffer vest, on a daily basis. I bought navy, and I think I'm going back for black. 

-edgy and obnoxious stacks of bracelets, ambitiously, every morning. And then they come off the second I get to work and start typing because I realize how annoyed I get by the sound of them clinking around on my wrist. 


-all the Erling Kindem stories Boyd Huppert is doing for KARE11. Truly the sweetest story ever - if you haven't already been following along, catch up here

-lots of new Instagram accounts including Fifi and Mo, Lindsey Pinegar, Fleur Fresh, Meghan Markle (that Prince Harry-stealing wench), and Overheard New York. 

-Sonoma and Napa wine blogs before our holiday trip out west: Wine Country, Discover Sonoma County Wine, and Bob on Sonoma

-election discussion and news, obviously, but that's a topic for never. 


Have the happiest day you can possibly have. Smile at people, taste your words before you spit them out, and be nice.