a quick and dirty giving of thanks

As screwy as 2016 has been for the universe at large, it's been pretty good to me thus far. I'm sitting here, coffee cup at hand, surrounded by my Schwegfam, as I think back over the myriad gifts this year has held. 

First and foremost, as always, I'm thankful for these five crazies. My family is the best, and my best (and some of my worst!) memories this year were all made with them. From Jonathan's graduation to spontaneous happy hours and dinners with my parents...cracking my teeth out of my mouth to living it up in Chicago with my very own "Schuyler Sisters"...and naturally our very random and extensive family group text, these four never cease to add color and laughter to my world.

Highlight? Ten days together taking on Scandinavia. Can't wait to continue the Schwegmanigans next month in wine country!

Naturally, the friends who feel like family can't go unsung. The circle of people I've surrounded myself with sure feels like a constant win, and watching that circle expand this year has been incredibly special.

This Thanksgiving, I hope every one of you knows what you mean to me - near or far, new or old - I'm deeply grateful for our inside jokes, random adventures, and most significantly the continual joy and support each of you brings to my life. 

Finally, your de rigeur political commentary for the day: I'm thankful that we live in a country and in a world where I believe civil discourse, thoughtful activism, and intelligent, informed commentary on the issues we face will win out in the end.

The people in my life are all so gifted, articulate and passionate - if we all continue to use our gifts and voices and passions to work for good, no amount of bigotry, ignorance or fear-mongering can win out in the end. 

Other, much more random things I'm thankful for: 


-champagne, always and forever

-Joe Biden memes


-the plethora of puppies and babies in my life lately

-black tie galas

-an almost-over Notre Dame football dumpster fire...er, season

-the obscene amount of stuffing I'm planning to stuff my face with tonight 

Happy Thanksgiving, campers. Love you all and hope you have just as much to be thankful for as I do this season!