101 in 1001 #47: Sign a petition for a cause I care about.

Hi guys. 

I don't talk politics as a general rule, but I think this is too important not to share. In the wake of last week's election results, the level of outright horrifying stories of racism, sexism, and xenophobia hitting the media has left me with a continual sense of disgust and pessimism about where we're headed as a nation. While I've refrained from chiming in, watching my friends in groups that have been attacked or called out by our president-elect discuss their thoughts, fears and apprehension on social media has opened my eyes and made me wonder what I can do to help out, even in the smallest way. 

All politics aside, nobody deserves to feel afraid, ostracized or endangered going about their day-to-day lives in this country, or anywhere for that matter. As such, when my fantastic friend and fellow piccolo alum, Colleen, shared this letter on Facebook, I was compelled to sign, 

Notre Dame has a long history of supporting human rights and doing what is right instead of what is expeditious or popular. My four years there were a cocoon of safety, freedom and openness that I think every ND student deserves, regardless of race, religion, sex or creed...or legal immigration status. Though I believe that immigration reform is critically important, creating a culture of fear and hostility is not the approach to fix a broken system. As such, I was proud to sign the petition so articulately presented by members of the Notre Dame community to designate my beloved campus as a sanctuary. See much more articulate/well-expressed excerpts below: 


The hundreds of signatures the petition has garnered in just hours makes me proud to be part of a community that supports human rights and believes in being an agent for change and acceptance. 

Notre Dame also held an interfaith prayer service on Monday, closed to media, to foster unity in light of the divisiveness being spewed lately. I really loved the coverage posted by WSBT...it restored a little of my faith in our generation and the world at large. 

For my ND-affiliated friends, the petition can be accessed and signed here. Even if you're not a Notre Dame grad, feel free to sign to show your support. As always, love thee Notre Dame! 

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