A few noteworthy things lately...

Lots happening these days! 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the annual WomenVenture fall gala luncheon at the Depot in Minneapolis with my company. One of the female executives I've developed a great working relationship with is on their board, and she invited a dozen of the company's lady leaders to join her at our table. I was honored to be included, and so inspired by the program - featuring keynote speaker Lara Merrikin of Larabar, the day featured female entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the Twin Cities, and brought together over a thousand female professionals for the day. So galvanizing to see firsthand how much women in business are doing these days, and to count myself among their number! 

Yiddle brudder Jonathan is officially employed! After a few months of patience, perseverance and positivity, he was offered a role as a marketing coordinator for a company in Detroit, and will be starting there in early November! While I'm so, so sad to lose him here, this opportunity is so exciting and he will absolutely rock it. We celebrated his happy news with cocktails and burgers at Parlour...

...before heading to Marvel Bar for a round of champagne. What better reason to pop champagne on a random Tuesday than 3/3 Schwegkids gainfully employed?! Here's to your success and your brilliant future, Jonny D!!

Last Wednesday, I was invited to represent my company's Foundation and the board I sit on during a roundtable discussion with US Senator Al Franken! Senator Franken is working to pass legislation that will encourage corporate America to partner with students seeking educational and professional opportunities, and the organization my board represents fits perfectly with his mission. 

We spent over an hour discussing our mission, success stories, and goals with the senator, and I was so impressed with our student representative, William. He was articulate, funny, and natural - skills that I still struggle with when doing professional speaking! So impressive in a seventeen-year-old. Senator Franken was similarly impressed...we really enjoyed talking with him after the roundtable ended. 

The day ended with interviews for some of our brightest students - the Saint Paul Public Schools crew and some local networks were covering Senator Franken's visit, and they all got miked up to discuss our experience! Again, our students did a fantastic job representing our program. Proud to serve on a board that helps advance kids like this, and does so much good in our community. 

Finally, we celebrated Papa Bear's birthday last Thursday! Starting off with wine and presents at my place...there's clearly no family resemblance among the three of us, ha. #buttchinsforever

We then headed to Butcher and the Boar, where the service was as bad as the food was good. Fortunately, we had Manhattans to dull the pain...

...and to encourage a little silliness on the part of the Schwegkids. 

It makes me incredibly happy to spend time with these two, and it's really gratifying to see them just as much in love 32 years in. (They celebrated anniversary #32 in early October!)

After dinner, we dashed down the block to the Orpheum to catch "Cabaret!"

I had never seen the show before, and was blown away by the production. We all really enjoyed it, and had a pretty great discussion in the car on the way to drop me off about the social commentary being so ahead of its time. Gotta love a good theater night! 

Highlight of the evening: running into the one-and-only Paul Reuvers at intermission! Can't wait for some Schweg-Reuvs shenanigans this weekend in the Bend! 

Happy Monday, campers! Counting the days til Friday already...