Lately I'm Loving

Things on my mind/making me smile/causing distraction lately: 

As a devoted and nerdy linguist and word-lover, this poem tickled my fancy for a solid twenty minutes. I read it at my desk at work, then read it out loud to myself a second time at home. If I'm being totally honest, I ended up looking up proper pronunciation of a few of the words on Webster's...some of them are pretty arcane! 

I am such a shameless Minnesota Orchestra fangirl, and have harbored a secret crush on conductor Osmo Vanska for years. This interview in The Guardian made me smile...especially when he claimed his dream job is to be a truck driver. Bonus? Links to new-to-me Leonard Bernstein and old favorite "Singin' in the Rain," which I would love to hear him do in his Finnish accent. 

Everyone knows I hate getting political around here, but even I will make an exception when Bad Lip Reading takes on the presidential debates. I know everyone in the WORLD has likely already seen this, but oh my gosh, if you haven't, WATCH IT NOW. I laughed out loud for real...repeatedly!

Little brother Jonathan got a job offer this week, which he accepted! In under a month, he'll be calling Detroit home. Not going to lie, my main associations with Detroit lean more toward its neighbor Ann Arbor (MUCK FICHIGAN), but my interest was piqued reading this Elite Daily article about how Detroit as a city embodies the Millennial spirit better than anywhere else. Looking forward to visiting him over there in the future...and to hitting the Big House for ND-Michigan in 2019 (I can plan ahead, whatever). 

And finally, a PSA. Like I said, not getting personally political up in here, but I think it's critical that, in this circus of an election cycle, as many people as possible actually vote. To check your registration status and find your polling place, check out HeadCount. I get to vote legit across the street from my apartment. Where will you be? DO IT CAMPERS. DO IT FOR AMERICA. (Can I write in "Lin Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton" for President?)