A few daily delights.

 (photo has nothing to do with this post, except for I was similarly delighted all day at Eva's wedding. Snap by the awesome Ian of  Hanson Photography !)

(photo has nothing to do with this post, except for I was similarly delighted all day at Eva's wedding. Snap by the awesome Ian of Hanson Photography!)

1.       I am wearing a striped dress that feels like a sweatshirt but looks like business casual, and tights and riding boots, because it is officially tights-and-riding-boots weather in Minnesota today. While I am aware that the combo of stripes and riding boots is as #basic as it comes, I am embracing it full throttle.

2.       The weather. Let’s talk. It’s one of those excellent fall days when it’s genuinely cold enough for mittens (the thin, cute kind) and scarves (the big, blankety kind), and all the trees are yellow and orange on fire against a roiling gray sky full of rain. While that sounds a bit over the top, reading it back, it’s exactly the kind of day we’re having and I, in my thin mittens and blankety scarf, am a fan. For today, anyway.

3.       “Let it Go” from “Frozen” came on my very random “sum-sum-summer” Spotify playlist while I was driving to work, right after “American Girl” and immediately preceding “Cake by the Ocean.” A: this indicates that I have moderately trashy/childish taste in music. B: You better bet I cranked the sound up to like 25 and shouted my way through every word. Elsa is my girl.

4.       It’s cinnamon coffee season at work and my life is made. I try to fake it year-round by adding cinnamon TO coffee, but there’s nothing like actual cinnamon coffee season. It’s the only time of year that I’ll pick the 99-cent cafeteria coffee over all else.

5.       Speaking of coffee, in the new building, the sheer volume of people taking the elevators and escalators every day means there are great eavesdropping/overhearing opportunities. This morning, I was in the elevator with an internal auditor I’m fairly friendly with, and two randos who work a floor down from us. These two were having a heated, very angry conversation about how people steal big containers of creamer out of the communal fridges on a daily basis. It made the auditor and me laugh uproariously after they got off on their floor. Who the heck steals CREAMER?! We’re grown-ups! Let’s get some hidden camera action in the fourth-floor break room! (I don’t know why I found it as funny as I did, but suffice it to say, I did.)

6.       I spent yesterday accomplishing all sorts of things, including but not limited to getting new car tabs, making airport runs for Hal the roomie, making Target runs for brand-new mama Anna, and, most most heavenly and excitingly, snuggling sweet 72-hour old Mason Paul. I forget how breakable and precious newborn babies seem, and how soft their skin is, and how every string in my heart contracts and knots up when tiny, starfish hands clench around one of my fingers. Miracles abound, campers.

7.       Finally, shamefully, I totally watched the premiere of “Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?” on Freeform, “the new ABC Family.” Because I am a “Bachelor” franchise fiend/junkie/fangirl to the nth degree. Not going to lie, it was awful but awesome in exactly the right way for a fall Tuesday night.