101 in 1001 #62: Frame and display my college diploma

So, better late than never, I guess? 

I'm celebrating my five year reunion this June, and since I graduated, my diploma has been safely tucked away in the drawer of my nightstand at home in a dust jacket, plastic sleeve, and envelope for safekeeping. I've also had a display-quality frame for it sitting in my closet for all those years...and there's really no excuse to not be showing that baby off! It represents four years of hard work and achievement, after all. 

This weekend I went home for family dinner, dug the frame out of my closet, and said to my Papa Bear, "Dad, it's time we finally hang my diploma." Having financed my education (thanks Dad!), he was obviously as excited as I was. We headed up to my room and, less than ten minutes later, it was on the wall! 

We ditched my middle school Pottery Barn Teen galvanized metal magnet board (oh yeah, I was SO cool)...

...and framed my diploma VERY carefully. Fun fact: Notre Dame was one of the last remaining schools to use actual sheepskin for diplomas, and my class was the last to receive them before they switched to regular parchment! That means my diploma is extra-delicate and needs to be handled with care. 

Not so fun fact: my dad sliced his finger open trying to get the back off the frame. Thanks for making yet another sacrifice to my education, Papa Bear! 

It's almost like thirteen-year old me knew that there would be blue and gold in my future when I picked that Goldenrod paint color for my room. Sure looks good to have my beautiful diploma up! Can't wait to someday have a home office to show it off in, but for now I'll take it hanging out on that perfectly matchy wall. 

For more of my home improvement/"domestic goddess" (HA) goals, check out my 101 in 1001 here! And as always, Go Irish, love thee Notre Dame!