Rambling babbly noteworthy items, 1.19.16

Apparently yesterday was "Blue Monday," the supposed most depressing day of the year. I have to admit, apart from the usual below-zero trudge into the office in the dark, I didn't find it so at all. That said...it's supposedly the day when most people book travel or getaways in the winter, and I've been very guilty of doing that lately! 

In addition to our family trip coming up this June, I've tacked an extra weekend on to a work trip to London and went a little wild planning a fabulous little weekend getaway for myself. I made reservations at a few favorite restaurants, and I treated myself to tickets to both The English National Opera's "The Magic Flute" and The National Theatre's "As You Like It." I can't wait to spend a few days kicking around in my favorite city in the world! 

I'm also trying to badger my friends into going to Blue-Gold with me this year. My Phoenix trip (giant blog post upcoming) proved that I have gone far too long without real live Notre Dame football in my life, and although spring football can't hold a candle to a real game, it will tide me over until this fall. Go Irish! 

Also helping to keep the Monday blues away, however, was the absolutely lovely episode of "Downton Abbey" that I watched last night. No spoilers here, but I actually shrieked at the part two minutes before the end. Sheer unadulterated delight, friends. 

Further, I'm seeing "Pericles" at the Guthrie tonight!...for the second time in three days! My mom took me on Sunday, since my dear Papa Bear isn't a Shakespeare fan at all!, and the Notre Dame Club of Minnesota has a block of tickets tonight. Whether I love or hate a production (hi, "Mr. Burns"), just being at the Guthrie is enough to give me warm fuzzies for weeks. To get to be there twice in such a short span is nothing short of serendipity. 

Happy Not-So-Blue Tuesday, friends :)