a few daily delights

Well, on the bright side it's 20 degrees in St. Paul...but on the dim side Alan Rickman died and my Potter-nerd heart is in mourning (as is my Jane Austen-loving self, his Colonel Brandon made me weep!). So to cheer myself up, I'm looking back on happy highlights from this week, because I feel like all I've done is bitch about the weather and really, it's been an incredibly lovely week. 

--Making the transition from eating like shit and drinking every day to eating quite healthily and drinking...green juice. I've started Snapping a select few friends the daily green smoothie, to mixed results that are inevitably hilarious. Thanks, friends, for keeping me on the healthy train. 

--finally perfecting a frittata for dinner last night. 

--Friends coming to visit: Erin the third weekend of February and Laura the last! Talk about taking my favorite month and making it even better...

--Speaking of perfecting my favorite month, we booked our London trip for work, finally! I'll be headed off to my favorite city in the world for a full week mid-month, right after my birthday, and I cannot wait to revisit old haunts and check a few new places off the list. 

--Cozy, fuzzy, cuddly outerwear that makes the negative windchill tolerable. 


--Burning this candle all evening every evening, resulting in an apartment that accordingly smells like snickerdoodles. 

--My cousin Matt is leaving public and coming to work at my company! I can't wait to have a friend (at least, a friend my age!) in the workplace again. 

--Discovering beautiful new pieces on Classical MPR: "Set Me As A Seal" and Camille Saint-Saens' "Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso."