My favorite post-game ritual

I know it's been a little "all-Irish, all-the-time" around here lately, but after Saturday's decisive 38-3 steamrolling of the Longhorns, I'm feeling a little extra Notre Dame pride. What better way to start off a lazy Labor Day than indulging in my favorite Sunday (okay, Monday) tradition? 

Ever since freshman year, I've done the same thing on Sunday mornings: wake up, obtain caffeine, obtain breakfast, watch the band's halftime show, go to Mass. The finer nuances have changed...freshman through junior year, I'd walk across the quad to the campus Starbucks, conveniently located less than 100 yards from my dorm. Senior year, fresh off a semester in London, my beloved roomie and I would make tea. These days, I'm loving iced coffee, courtesy of the good old Keurig. My Mass venue is different too...I may long for the days of strolling over to the 11:45 am Folk Choir Mass at the Basilica in college, but now I take a stroll across Loring Park (just as pretty) to another basilica (can't complain on that count). 

What hasn't changed? Usually breakfast is sugary cereal...Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Apple Jacks, or Reese's Puffs were the poison of choice in college, and these days I'm on a pretty intense Fruity Pebbles kick. It's a once-a-week treat I'm kind of in love with. And of course, there's these guys... 

Pretty proud to say I was part of that once. It never stops feeling like the nerdiest and coolest thing ever. 

With another post-game (Monday) in the books, time to start looking toward next week...go Irish, beat Cavaliers!