A vintage "Liz Embarrasses Herself" story.

Those who know me well in real life know I’m not the most graceful/naturally poised human being. I put my foot in my mouth about as often as I put it somewhere I can trip over it. My natural lack of social finesse often does, however, conspire with circumstances to create some pretty classic embarrassing stories.

I shared just one in the past (omg fledgling blog days!), but trust me…it’s at least a weekly occurrence to find me totally mortified by some dumb incident. This week alone, I may or may not have enjoyed the experiences of falling up an escalator, having my coffee spilled “by” a revolving door, and walking into a tree. And now, to start your week off on the right note at the expense of my dignity, here’s a classic one for you.

I texted the story to a friend or two, just the kind of people who know me and the tragicomedy that is my day-to-day existence, and eventually got the point where I could laugh at this ridiculousness instead of feeling like a prize idiot.

And that, my friends, is the reason you don’t randomly pick at stray threads…or buy cheap Old Navy pants and expect them to remain structurally sound if you do!