Bookworm: August 2015

"As for my mother...She used to tell me to get my nose out of my book and go get some fresh air.” 
― Emily Giffin

This month, I took Emily Giffin's mom's advice, and got out. I was busy, so my book list is way shorter than my norm...and to be honest, I feel that lack painfully. Still, though, there were some true winners in the bunch for this month!


Everybody Rise, Stephanie Clifford: An acerbic tale of a New York social climber's attempts to infiltrate the old-moneyed Upper East Side for her job as a social media marketer. Loaded with Wharton-esque class commentary, it reminded me of a new-era Vanity Fair or Gatsby.


Summer At Tiffany, Marjorie Hart: A charming memoir of two college girls' summer adventures as the first female salesgirls at Tiffany in New York during World War II. Super quick, fun, light read!

Off Balance, Dominique Moceanu: I remember loving her on the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics team, and this autobiography tells the story of her troubled family life and career after gymnastics. Engrossing and fascinating, especially her tales of the famous Karolyis. 

Happily Ever After, Harriet Evans: Cute, chick lit-esque tale of a young woman's rise through publishing and battles with her family's history of alcoholism while seeking love on both sides of the pond. Fluffy and fun. 


Untold Story, Monica Ali: A re-imagining of Princess Diana's life in which she doesn't die in a car crash, but rather fakes her own death to disappear into anonymity in midwestern suburbia. Maudlin, and honestly I think in kind of poor taste.


Something Blue, Emily Giffin: The follow-up to Something Borrowed chases narcissistic Darcy across the pond to London while expecting twins to chase love, self-fulfillment, and the perfect life. 

American Band, Kristin Laine: One of my all-time favorite non-fiction works...the story of a competitive high school marching band in Indiana and their quest for the state championship. A MUST-read for every band nerd I know.