Sunday Brunch: Lucia's

I’ve mentioned approximately a bajillion (okay, five or six) times that Hannah is one of my all-time favorite people, especially to have adventures with. And, while it may make me the most basic of the basic bitches currently roaming the Twin Cities, I consider brunch an adventure. What’s not to love about girl time over some bubbles?!

We hit up Lucia’s about a month ago on one of the hottest days in July, and, in classic Hannah-and-Lizzie form, it was total girly catch-up perfection.


Located just a few blocks off Lake Calhoun in the heart of Uptown, Lucia’s is a light-filled, spare and clean space. The big windows, white walls, and touches of bright blue, yellow, and pink in the napkins and flowers made the whole space feel open and airy.

Score: 7/10


We skipped the bubbly, knowing we were headed to the Sociable Brewers’ Block Party in a few hours for beers. Instead, we savored coffee, and it was delicious…a perfect, hearty dark roast. I maaaay have let its bottomless nature get the best of me and totally overcaffeinated myself in the process…oops!

Score: 8/10


Hannah is an ideal brunch companion in that she will go splitsies with me whenever my heart desires…win! We started with a pastry basket featuring a buttery, flaky, delicious house-made popover, along with this cute little guy:

This is a “Baby Buddha Muffin,” and it is a cinnamon-y, crunchy, decadently delicious little morsel of yumminess. I could have eaten like…six of them and called it brunch, it was so good.

We wisely didn’t just order a dozen more baby Buddhas, and instead opted to split the omelet and yogurt with granola:

The omelet held sweet corn, onions, a little crème fraiche and some delectably melty goat cheese, along with the sweetest, freshest basil I’ve ever tasted. As for the granola and yogurt…also perfectly refreshing. The granola, served in the form of giant clusters of oats, dates, and brown sugar, added a hint of sweetness to the yogurt, and the strawberries and blackberries were perfectly ripe.

Lucia’s menu changes constantly to accommodate seasonal produce…there’s a new flatbread on the menu with summer squash that’s practically begging me to make a repeat stop!

Score: 10/10

To visit Lucia’s for yourself, head to, or find a different place to brunch from my list! Happy munching, campers!