A home-run marriage: congrats, Katie and Geoffrey!

Summer 2015: another weekend, another wedding! At least it feels that way. I've been looking forward to Katie and Geoffrey's wedding since Katie started teasing all her amazing DIY decor all over Instagram around this time last year...and let me say, the end results did NOT disappoint. Kels and I stayed the night nearby, and had TOO much fun getting ready together!

I've known Katie since middle school...we shared classes, marching band, and Youth In Government all the way through high school, and I'm pretty sure the ridiculous memories could fill an entire book, let alone a blog post. Her husband, Geoffrey, was the sweetest! Not to mention her wedding presented an awesome opportunity to reunite with friends from high school...some of whom I haven't seen since we graduated. 

The reception was full of amazing personal touches. From their "guestbook" home plate...

...to the precious bulletin board featuring engagement pics alongside photos of them as youngsters...

...to the stunning flowers...

...and of course the candy bar...

The level of attention to detail was fantastic. I'd expect nothing less from a teacher. As avid golfers, Geoffrey and Katie took a unique approach to the whole "clink your glass to make the couple kiss" thing, too. To get a kiss out of them, guests had to sink a hole in one on the mini-golf station set up off to the side. Some guests took it a lot more seriously than others...specifically, the guests who weren't quite knee-high kind of missed the one-shot point! Too cute!

For me, one of the highlights of the night was the cake-cutting. For starters, their baseball cake couldn't have been more on-theme or adorable.

Secondly, there was an insane amount of debate before the traditional cake-feeding. For awhile, it seemed like it could go either way...to face-smash the cake, or not to face-smash? They went with face-smash, and it was so funny that I didn't manage to get a solid pic...laughing too hard! 

The funniest moment of the night, however, happened way after the party got started. I've never actually participated in a bouquet toss...I've either mis-timed bathroom breaks, or the weddings I've been to haven't done them! This was my first one, and I was kind of excited to witness. No expectations. Welllllll, the new Mrs. apparently has quite the arm on her, because her bouquet toss didn't land in the outstretched hands of a lady-guest. Nope. It definitely ended up IN the light fixture directly above my head. What's a girl to do but take action, climb up and get it out herself? So I did. I climbed on a freaking chair and dug around in the light fixture, and then posed for a photo to prove it: 

And that's the story of how I ended up "catching" my first-ever bouquet. Now it's taken up residence in a vase in my bedroom, and it feels like my entire apartment is perfumed and smelling amazing as a result. Well done, Mrs. R! 

Hilarious floral mishaps and cake-cutting mischief aside, this wedding was so replete with love and genuine happiness that it left me smiling all weekend. From breaking it down to "Bye Bye Bye" to hitting up the candy bar multiple times, laughing over high school memories to catching up with old friends and making new ones, the night couldn't have felt more personal and truly Katie (and Geoffrey!). 

Congrats, my dear newlyweds! Here's to a long and joyful life together!