And then I threw an impromptu engagement party.

Fresh off my spectacular weekend in Chicago celebrating Melissa's wedding, I got to step back a few events in the whole wedding-planning/celebrating cycle and throw an engagement party for my book club friend Anna and her fiancé, Kevin! 

Not going to lie, I've felt a bit...saturated...lately by my overwhelming social schedule. Throw in a weekend road trip and less than 48 hours to pull this all together, and I was doubtful whether I'd pull it off or not. Fortunately, everything came together just beautifully! Without further ado...

I made sangria, which isn't pictured, in addition to these lemon bars (please PLEASE note the totally Pinterest-worthy engagement rings): 

And caprese skewers, which are a Schwegfam favorite.

I also picked up a cake (Lund's fudge buttercream frosting is officially too decadent to resist)...

...and plenty of engagement-themed serveware! 

Given the beautiful weather we've been having, it seemed asinine to not make use of my building's rooftop space. We quickly migrated out there, caprese skewers and lemon bars in tow, to catch up on all the details of Anna's proposal, planning and (short!) engagement...with a wedding date this October, they're definitely taking the fast lane!

We enthroned the bride-to-be, crown and all, in a something-blue-appropriate rocking cute is she?!

As sunset crept closer and Kevin arrived, it seemed opportune to do what basic white girls do best and have a total rooftop photoshoot. See below: 

I claim the above as my genius work. I'm basically a wizard with an Instagram filter. We also made use of one of my favorite additions to the party...I'm a sucker for balloons and couldn't resist these darling "Bride" and "Groom" bunches at Party City! I think they made for pretty adorable props, if you ask me...


It was so much fun to get the book club girls together, especially as our book club has unanimously met with a not-so-tragic demise at the hands of our very busy schedules and inability to discuss a book for more than five minutes without getting distracted by wine and/or our love lives. Oops? 

Of course, that cake wasn't going to eat itself....

Congrats Anna! You're pretty cute, and we're pretty excited for you. 

Looking forward to celebrating constantly until October rolls around! 

Oh, and if my Martha Stewart-conquering credibility was still in question? We ate everything...including that last lemon bar. BAM.