Take me out to the ball game!

Baseball! It’s the American pastime. And for once in my adult life, the Twins aren’t abysmal, so that’s really fun. My dad scored some seriously awesome tickets to the Twins versus the Orioles a few weeks ago, and he, my mom, Jonathan and I spent a night at Target Field enjoying perfect weather, plenty of drinks, and a SERIOUSLY fantastic view of the game.

The two important things to know about my family are that we are fairly noncommittal Minnesota sports fans, but that we really, really like having good seats for sporting events. My parents and I, bless all of us, do not know a ton about the intricacies of sports apart from the activities that we, their nerd-children, did in high school and college. So…basically…downhill ski-racing, debate/speech team, drama, marching band, and…um, Student Council? Riiiight. Not a lot of extraneous sports knowledge floating around the Schwegman home. I guess you could say we’re enthusiastic fans with very little actual athletic ability? Let’s go with that.

The weather could not have been nicer for the 7:10 start of our game. We headed over a bit early to take advantage of our Metropolitan Club access…think bottomless nachos, grilled flatbread pizza, and Papa Bear ensuring the gin and tonics flowed like water. It was definitely a novel way to do a game…I could get used to pretending to be fancy, and let’s be real, the access to air-conditioning was wonderful. After filling up on snackies we headed down to our seats. And when I say down, I really do mean down:


Um, whoever my dad’s friend is who gave him the tix…THANK YOU and do you have a son who happens to be around my age and single?  I think Mom and I would go to a lot more Twins games if they always involved this kind of legroom and footrest action.

To truly illustrate how clueless we Schwegkids can be: when Jonathan Instagrammed his view from our seats, he captioned it “Front Row at TCF Stadium, let’s go Twins!” Ummmm, kiddo, wrong stadium, wrong sport (TCF Stadium is home to the University of Minnesota's Gopher football program!). That said, I think he had fun, you know, once he figured out that we were scoring runs instead of touchdowns and all…

Papa Bear, Jodester and I, in the meantime, had a blast people-watching, game-watching, and chatting. It also helped that the Twins routed the Orioles 8-3, and we got to witness rookie Miguel Sano’s first-ever major league home run. He was so excited! It was adorable! We also attended right in the middle of the crusade to get Brian Dozier into the All-Star game via fan vote. It was hilarious to see the “Bull-Dozier” campaign all over the stadium, from the parked bulldozer out front by the entrance to the creative use of cutout people…

Yessssss. Getting to enjoy a great game with my family was the perfect summer evening activity. In the meantime, I’ll keep following the Twins and hoping that our streak of looking like an actual team continues!