Off to Chicago...congrats, Melissa and Jordan!

Another month, another wedding! And this one is one that I’m especially excited to attend…as it’s in Chicago, one of my favorite cities to visit, and it's one of my favorite people tying the knot!

Melissa and I are pseudo-roommates from our junior year. I say “pseudo” because we never actually lived together, but switched out spaces in our quad as she studied in London fall semester and I went in the spring. Weirdly, we grew close senior year and after graduation, and she’s one of my favorite “roommates” I had in college! She and her fiancé Jordan met and will marry in Chicago, and I am so excited to see her.

Melissa stayed in South Bend for a year after we graduated to get her master’s and was more than willing to host me and a cast of crazy supporting characters on football weekends during my freshman year of life. She and I bonded over our mutual love of Kate Middleton, our affinity for wine and crazy straws, and one too many wild nights out at the Backer. She’s now a teacher  in Chicago, and I can’t imagine a luckier bunch of kiddos. Pretty sure I can't wait to get my dance on, congratulate her five million times and (maaaaybe but probably not) throw another epic monster smooch at her...

While the highlight of the weekend will be watching her marry Jordan at the gorgeous Chicago History Museum, it definitely doesn’t hurt that I also get to see this (these) girl(s) today and spend some time with them this weekend!

Any excuse for Laura time is a win in my book, especially when it also comes with a healthy dosage of Fiona cuddles. Looking forward to an absolutely wonderful Windy City wedding weekend!