Sunday Brunch: Black Coffee & Waffle Bar

Kelsie and I have gotten in this fun habit of having weekend sleepovers every so often, usually after a day of hitting breweries. One of the highlights for me is actually the Sunday morning after...because it's the perfect excuse to try a new brunch place! A few weeks ago, we checked out Black Coffee & Waffle Bar based on numerous recommendations from her teacher friends. 


BC&W used to be a coffee shop called “Muddsuckers” which was apparently a total dump. I’m pleased to share that we didn’t find that to be the case. The industrial-minimalist interior and black brick wall outside (hipster photo opportunities abound) worked to create a grunge-chic vibe that, while not exactly cozy, definitely felt appropriate to the area. We went so early that we had the place almost to ourselves, but by the time we left, the tables along the wall were all filled with U of M students and their families/friends. All in all, not my favorite restaurant appearance-wise, but totally suited to the “students who brunch” thing.

Score: 6/10


I went for a basic latte and Kels got a chai…while the wait for the drinks to come out was pretty long at around 15 minutes, it was well worth the wait. BC&W serves Dogwood Coffee, one of my favorite Twin Cities spots, and my latte more than lived up to my expectations.

Score: 8/10


BC&W really shines in this department, serving basic Belgian waffles trashed-up with toppings enough to make the biggest sweet tooth ache. Kelsie got the “Fat Andrew,” topped with a liberal smearing of peanut butter along with cinnamon, powdered sugar, bananas, and whipped cream. I chose the monthly special for May, a concoction of raspberries and bananas over a blend of Nutella and cream cheese. It was so good that I nearly licked the filling out of every cranny of the waffle when I realized that I would never finish it. The menu’s other offerings made it really hard to decide…other ones we’re looking forward to trying are the Strawberry Cheesecake and S’mores.

Score: 9/10

To check out Black Coffee & Waffle Bar for yourself, visit, or choose a different brunch spot from my epic Twin Cities brunch list here!