Off to KC...congrats, Kat and Dom!

Woo-hoo, it's wedding season!

I know I'm not the only twenty-something who feels like every single time I open up Facebook, there's a spate of new engagements, wedding photos and marriages galore to celebrate. This weekend I'm headed to Kansas City (with Kelsie in tow!) to celebrate the wedding of my very first Minneapolis roommate, Kathryn!

Kat and I both went to Notre Dame, but didn't know each other in our time on campus and decided to be roommates based on a Facebook message while I was in Brazil post-graduation. Our tiny apartment, furnished in Ikea and hand-me-downs and HomeGoods decor galore, was our pride and joy, and quickly became the social center of both our lives. While I slogged through life as a public accountant, Kathryn earned her master's degree in healthcare administration, and left me and Minneapolis behind after two years to pursue a career in Dallas. Also in Dallas...her boyfriend Dom, who I got to hear plenty about as he and Kathryn started a long-distance relationship while we lived together. 

Through our two years as roommates, Kathryn and I talked a TON about weddings...browsing rings during "Friends" marathons, dissecting other people's Facebook albums, chatting about bridesmaids' dresses and venues and, of course, the men we wanted to marry. I can't believe that I'm actually going to watch her wed this excited to see all her dreams manifested in reality. Can't wait to celebrate...if even a fraction of her girls'-night-visions are realized, it's sure to be a spectacular weekend!