There's no place like home.

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


Paris was such an incredible adventure--ten days of whirlwind sight-seeing, art-admiring, shopping, eating, drinking and mother-daughter-sister bonding. Yesterday we got up at 5:30am Paris time and I got to bed around 11:30pm Minnesota time...which put the final clock at 25ish hours straight awake. Thankfully, I have the day off today to unpack, get my life a bit organized, and most importantly try to get my sleep back on schedule! 

While I can't wait to share stories and photos from my amazing trip, I have a lot of other things I want to cover we put things together, what resources we used, how my French ended up working a bit of catch-up from life pre-Paris that also deserves to be shared. (Secretly, the real reason I'm holding off is that I want to get my hands on some of my sister's 1,200 unbelievable, professional-camera-quality photos to use...but that's well worth waiting for!) In the meantime, I'm sure I'll be subjecting real-life friends to endless accounts of our trip...Minneapolis friends, brace yourselves. 

The rest of May is going to be super busy, both around here and in my actual day-to-day life. Get excited friends! Minneapoliz is back in Minneapolis and that means it's GO TIME. Woo-hoo!