Dear guy in the blue gingham shirt...

Hi. How’s your day? If it's anything like your afternoon last Thursday, which looked to me like it was pretty good—leaving work at 4pm, windows down and sunroof open, just enjoying some Classical Minnesota Public Radio in traffic on 94-W...then it must be going well. I liked how your shirt color-coordinated with your Mazda...nothing like a guy rocking the gingham in early spring to make my heart skip a beat. I also liked the moment of eye contact and adorable smile you gave me when we realized we were both listening to MPR. Pretty sure that Classical MPR wouldn’t be the only thing we had in common...

Bummer that you exited on 5th…I felt like we had a really good thing going. Looking forward to potential future traffic jams, where we can discuss Orchestra Hall’s spring programming through our open windows. Or, you know, just grab a latte at Spyhouse and discuss all the other things I’m sure we’ll have to talk about.

Til then, keep an eye out for the girl in the gray dress driving the white Toyota…I exit on 11th Street and I’ll keep my classical on extra-loud so you don’t miss me.

Yours affectionately,


(Sarcasm, mostly. But just in case…any Minneapolitans know a guy with an affinity for Tchaikovsky and J.Crew button-downs driving a Mazda? Hook a single girl up.)