Sunday Brunch: Haute Dish

Remember last summer when Hannah, Kyle and I went to Haute Dish over Restaurant Week and I waxed rhapsodic over their innovative, creative menu and plating? Well Kelsie and I headed back for brunch last Saturday and my expectations were met yet again. It's the perfect place to head for a boozy, cozy breakfast on a frigid Minnesota morning!


Haute Dish's next door neighbor, Sexworld, doesn't exactly set the premises up as promising. Upon entry, however, the high, vaulted ceilings, wood paneling, and massive mirrors and light fixtures instantly create a cozy, shabby-chic vibe I love. It's like brunching in (what I imagine to be) a cozy old Roaring Twenties-era supper club. 

Score: 7/10


Kelsie had (and raved about) the grapefruit mimosa, which was a pretty pink confection that she described as "perfectly tart and grapefruity."  I went with Haute Dish's signature brunch beverage, the "Frozen Screwdriver." Concocted with house-made vanilla vodka and orange purée, and garnished with whiskey-soaked cherries, it was akin to drinking an Orange Julius on crack that got me perfectly buzzed and tasted like childhood. You know, if your childhood tasted like house-made vanilla vodka. 

Score: 10/10


Above you see the "Cereal and Milk Panna Cotta," which we selected from a wide range of appetizers that all sounded quirky and intriguing. Our server tempted us with caramelized banana, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and custard...but what we ended up deciding it tasted like was milk-flavored Jello. The texture was just off...maybe panna cotta lovers around the world would enjoy it, but I think that's a food I'll be checking off my "you don't really like this" list. 

Good thing our mains turned everything around! Kels is a Reuben lover, and picked the "Reuben Benedict." I went with the Brunch Burger, a sausage patty on a giant English muffin topped with fried egg, melted cheese, and "bacon fig jam." Oh man. It turned out to require a knife and fork to eat it, but it was delicious. The jam was this amazing savory, smoky smooth texture coupled with the melty cheese and the perfectly spicy patty. I housed the expense of my fries, which were left basically untouched apart from a cursory taste test (they were really good too). 

Score: 7.5/10

To check out Haute Dish for yourself, head to Otherwise, check out the rest of my Twin Cities Brunch Challenge here!