In like a lamb... how my March is starting off! 

I closed down February with the loveliest weekend with Kelsie. We had a slumber party on Friday night complete with Rojo and reliving our ridiculous Twitter histories, and woke up bright and early Saturday for coffee, brunch, and brewery hopping at Surly and 612! We had way too much fun scoping out cute guys who were way younger than us at Surly, and did a beer flight with a LivingSocial deal at 612...along with every other pair in the place, I swear!

I spent the afternoon FaceTiming my bestie, Miss Kaitlin, and then got to chow down on Pizza Lucé and play board games at Claire and Rabes's place (Team LizzieBear dominated American Trivia...although every question we got was "Arts," and I'm seriously out of practice there...). Sunday was a peaceful day involving a lot of laundry, cleaning, coffee with the lovely Hannah...

...and four hours of meal prep for the 21 Day Fix, a program we're both following for the month of March! I'm so excited about the fridge full of healthy foods, and even though today's workout left me near tears, it's going to engender a great, much-needed change in my life. 

Some other highlights from March so far: 

More daffodils blooming in my kitchen, along with a deliciously fragrant primrose on my windowsill and a "diffenbachia fern" on my coffee table.

My boss is back from Colombia!! And I couldn't be happier to have him home. Cherry on top? The 2 pounds of fresh-roasted Colombian coffee he brought back for me! 

My gallery wall is 99% ready to go! I just need two 8x10 frames and my roll of kraft paper, and then it's time to start playing with layouts and hanging!

I'm drinking a ton of water as part of the 21 Day Fix, and I feel like it's already starting to make a difference to my troubled, dry combination winter skin. 

We're only 28 days out from Mexico!! Hooray! 

Tomorrow may have a forecast of 6 inches of snow right in time for my morning commute, and I may be way ready to be done with winter (even though we've had it easy this year!), but I can't possibly dream of complaining about a month that's off to this solidly positive start. Can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds!