101 in 1001 #6: Take a tropical getaway.

As I write this, my bed is covered with an assortment of sundresses and sandals, a half-packed suitcase gaping open on the floor. I have a list running in my head that looks something like "Crap, I need to get sunscreen...I don't remember, does aloe vera expire?...where the heck did I put my PASSPORT?!"...I'm headed to Mexico in less than 24 hours!! 

My dearest Kelsie has been talking about a Mexico trip for the better part of a year now, and we planned it out for serious starting last fall, when her grandparents gifted us the chance to use a week of their timeshare in Playa Del Carmen. We booked flights shortly after New Year's, and I've been counting down anxiously ever since! Even though Minnesota's winter has been mild-as-can-be this year, I'm still craving sunshine, sand between my toes, and swim-up-bar action. 

This week is going to be one of supreme relaxing...we have no plans apart from scoping out each of the hotel's ELEVEN pools, spending plenty of time on the beach, and catching up on sleep and reading lists. We leave tomorrow at the obscenely early hour of 5:45am, and I personally cannot wait. 

Things will be quiet around here for the next week or so...stay in touch by checking out my travel adventures via Instagram! Here's to a week with maximum margaritas and minimal sunburn!