Liz Gets Healthy: 21-Day Fix, Week 3

Woo-hoo! Technically, I'm done with my first round of the 21-Day Fix! 

In actuality, I'm tacking on an extra week due to my upcoming trip to Mexico, and am planning on completing another round after I get back. It definitely feels great to have made it through the first 21 days, though, and I've learned some very valuable things about myself and my habits along the way. 

I'm not really the kind of person who gets off on disclosing pounds or inches lost, especially when I know I have a long way I'd like to go yet. What I will say, though, is it was fun to make it through entire workouts this week without ever modifying anything. I caught myself grinning from ear to ear after a particularly brutal plank series in the Pilates workout as I finished having stayed up the entire five minutes. Tracking and counting reps, using heavier weights, and feeling so much better at the end of every workout was equal parts empowering and humbling. 

I've had a tough year as far as body image, health and confidence go. Getting into the 21-Day Fix, hearing positive affirmations on a daily basis from the Facebook group and DVDs and knowing I'm making healthy, smart choices for myself has started to help turn that around. Planning meals and workouts has kept me busy in a good way--filling up hours I'd otherwise spend getting up in my own head over ridiculous things as we type A people tend to do.


I have more energy, and as a result, a more positive outlook on the world. I feel more productive and engaged in life in general. Most importantly, it's made me value the times I do go out with friends (and, admittedly, cheat a little) way more in light of how hard I work every day to be able to enjoy that time. 

Finally, and best of all, knowing I'm moving and shaking and actively caring for myself has helped quiet that negative voice inside, that voice that screams rather than whispers, telling me I'm not worthy or deserving or good enough. I'm proving to myself that I am, and it's so great to not need anyone else to do that for me anymore. It's extremely cheesy to say it, but I feel like the 21 Day Fix is fixing more than my biceps and's fixing my entire outlook on life. Well worth it.