A recipe for surviving a Minnesota winter.


-"You've Got Mail" and/or "When Harry Met Sally." Meg Ryan falling in love is a good, good thing. 

-Essie nail polish and early-evening pedicures. Super feeling this hot true neon pink, "Summer Pink" by Pixi (a Target steal!). 

-Angie's caramel-cheddar popcorn. For dinner, when deemed necessary.

-Netflix replays of "Friends." MAKING MY LIFE. (Optional: on actual TV, sub "The Bachelor," "Downton Abbey," or "Scandal.")

-This candle. Olfactory crack. (Thanks Meems! Great Christmas present!)

-India Spice Chai K-cups, because they are delicious. 

-A pretty girly camisole...

-and a big chunky grandpa sweater, for combining into the best of both worlds warmth-and-attractiveness-wise.



1. Head to the gym to pound through 4-5 miles on the treadmill or elliptical downstairs and warm oneself up/work up a fantastic sweat. For best results (and maximum laughs), combine with 2 episodes of "Friends" on the iPad. 

2. Shower off the gym stank, layer into camisole and sweater with coziest pajama pants in your possession.

3. Light candle, cue up "When Harry Met Sally," "Scandal," "Downton," or "The Bachelor," and start Keurig with K-cup. While coffee brews, select nail color and prep for epic pedicure. 

4. Procure brewed coffee/popcorn, settle into chair close to the fire, open up the nail polish, press play, and prepare for two blissful hours of pretending winter doesn't totally suck after Valentine's Day.