Fifty Shades of Valentine's Day

Campers, Valentine's Day 2015 was officially my first V-day as a single gal since my sophomore year of high school. YIKES. Slash...FUN. I was super excited to celebrate this awesome holiday, which, duh, ranks high on my list solely because it's all about rom-coms, chocolate, and the color pink...and it totally exceeded my expectations. 

Because she is the best, Kelsie agreed to be my Valentine this year and continue a tradition we started a few years ago: girly dining out and a movie! THIS year, though, we totally kicked it up a notch because, duh, this year "Fifty Shades of Grey" came out, and we wouldn't be basic white girls if we DIDN'T see "Fifty Shades" on Valentine's Day. 


We started off with Bellinis and present exchanging at my cute is this "Relaxation in a Jar" present Kels put together?! Completely Pinterest-worthy and I can't wait to enjoy all the fun treats inside! 

I had pre-ordered tickets a long time ago for the West End theater's VIP showings of the movie, and of course Rojo is conveniently across the street from the theater. So we put the cherry on top of our basic-ness and pre-gamed the movie with margaritas, guacamole, queso, and sangria too! 

As for the movie...sweet friend, do, just do, or don't, just don't. No skin off my back. I'm not going to go on any kind of soapbox or tirade here: I firmly believe that it's everyone's choice both to see the movie/read the books, and really, to do whatever the hell you like in the bedroom. Frankly, I'm irritated and saddened by how many people use the movie/books as a platform to shame others. Really, the only person who should be shamed in the whole equation is EL James, for writing a book at a fourth-grade reading level. (It's truly appallingly badly written...)

Personally I truly enjoyed the movie, primarily because Kelsie and I were just the right amount of drunk to laugh through the funny parts, the awkward parts, and the sexxxay parts. I thought Jamie Dornan was super man-pretty, I liked all the skyline shots of Seattle, and the soundtrack was fantastic. I won't be rushing out to buy whips and handcuffs, but it was exactly the girly, escapist, slightly ridiculous fantasy film I was hoping for on Valentine's Day. 

We, naturally, couldn't just end the night on that note, so we Ubered home and arranged our own little double-header of Channing Tatum movies. Just picture two girls in jammies, "Magic Mike," and "Step Up" with still-drunk commentary, and you've got our evening. I couldn't have asked for a better friend to be my Valentine, or for a more enjoyable day!!