What are you doing New Year's Eve?

I’m ringing in the New Year on everyone’s favorite deep deep discount airline!

That’s right, I’m really getting in the “Spirit” of things this year…HA! You know you laughed. We’re headed to Phoenix to kick 2016 off in the best way imaginable…with an Irish win in the Fiesta Bowl.

Then again, “we” is David, his girlfriend Kelli, their friend Andrew, and me. So do the math on that one. Three Buckeyes, and one lone Irish fan…maybe I’m the only one who thinks a Notre Dame victory would be the best way to start this year, after all!

The second I saw that Notre Dame played Ohio State in this year’s bowl matchups, I texted David:

After a week of waiting, trying to work out logistics, and gasping in horror every time I checked flights only to see a $100 hike in price since the last time I checked, I got this text:

And then we started booking things, Andrew and I bought tickets too, and I officially committed to ringing in 2016 with Spirit. We land in Phoenix at 1am on January 1, 2016, and from there on out it’s a whirlwind of football, drinking, and soaking up sunshine. I have fond memories of Phoenix from going out there as a little kid to visit my grandparents, and can’t wait to experience it as a grown-up. We’re throwing a road trip to the Grand Canyon in for good measure, and if Columbus this November is any indication, I’m sure to have a ridiculously good time...although I'll be switching out my temporary Buckeye allegiance for my usual die-hard Irish fandom!

While I’m sad to miss the traditional New Year’s rager in the Twin Cities, I know this will be such a memorable, crazy-fun getaway that it’s more than worth it. What a great way to start off what I know will be a great year…

Go Irish, beat Buckeyes!