Miscellaneous merrymaking...

It’s been one of those stretches where there’s so much going on that I feel like I should be writing approximately one million blog posts, but instead these fun and fabulous occasions are going to get tiny snippets here. Hold onto your Santa hats campers, it’s about to get festive.


Claire and I got the coveted pink hearts on Snapchat a few weeks ago…

And Kels and I hit the 100-day streak this fall and I never shared that critically important fact!

I started keeping a “Gratitude Lists” journal in my purse because sometimes I struggle to remember how awesome I actually have it, and it’s one of my new favorite things I do.

Stumbling on Free Hugs signs in St. Paul.

And of course enjoying St. Paul’s gorgeous juxtaposition of old meeting new on a daily basis.

An official look at the haircut I've referenced a couple times...done up all nice! It's such a huge difference (to me) but I'm still loving it so far, even if it's made my trademark messy up-do thing impossible. (I promise it isn't always hanging in my face like that...this was a half-assed Snapchat to a few girls to show it off!)

Hanging out with a cute little bird in the airport en route to Toronto awhile back! She hopped around and eventually headed in the direction of Chick-Fil-A, like any smart bird would.

Fur cuffs on my coat and a fresh manicure, plus that class ring I love so much.

Dad getting absurdly excited about giant pies and bottles of wine at Costco (photos courtesy of Em). I should start an Instagram account: @ShitMyFatherFoundAtCostco. It’d go viral, hmm?

A fantastic Saturday afternoon at Summit Brewing with Kels and friends! We took a few selfies…

…and posed by their cute Christmas tree, covered in beer bottles and planted in a keg of course.

A few fun photos with my Notre Dame-Minnesota faves at Rachel and Brian’s lovely housewarming party! So glad Zach is back in the Twin Cities, and counting down the days (single digits!) til Colleen’s return!

Mimosas and Bloody Marys with my dad on an all-day holiday shopping spree. He’s so much fun to hang out with.

Re-reading my family’s two years’ worth of group text and laughing at our lovable insanity.