The 2015 Chateau de Liz Christmas Tree (By the Numbers)

1. Height: 7'5" (8'5", if you count the star)

2. Hours invested from start to finish: 3.5 (3 if you count numerous wine breaks)

3. Glasses of wine consumed: 2.5 (3 if you count the generous pours)

4. Number of scratches on my arms: countless (next year, I'm wearing long sleeves)

5. Number of broken branches Macgyvered with scotch tape: 1 (I am nothing if not innovative in the face of a Christmas Crisis)

6. Spiders that made ornament boxes their home this year: 1 (I let him crawl OUT of the box of glass ornaments before I smashed him, duh)

7. Notre Dame Annual Collectible ornaments on the tree: 9 (one for every year since I started college)

8. Versions of "White Christmas" that came on my Spotify while decorating: 7 (out of the 10 on my playlist)

9. Falls taken while attempting to get the star on: 1 (I don't recommend standing on windowsills to place the star, for future reference)

10. Number of times I've looked over at it and smiled like a dork since finishing: Countless (Worth it all, this year like every other!)