Off to dot that I...Columbus!

I've been gone more than I've been in the Twin Cities lately, and I totally don't hate that when it's as much fun as this weekend is going to be...I'm headed to The Ohio State University for football, alcohol, marching bands, and some time with one of my oldest friends! 

David and I go all the way back to kindergarten...we got married in the sandbox and it's been a fantastic, dysfunctionally delightful friendship ever since then. From high school band, French and yearbook...

...up to present day...

...he's been one of my favorite voices of reason, sources of endless amusement, and sounding boards. We both did marching band in college and paid each other visits in the fall, so making it to OSU is pretty much mandatory to keep our streak alive. David's currently pursuing an engineering PhD there, and I've been talking for years about making it out for a visit. Thanks to some late-scheduled work travel and a Southwest voucher begging to be used, it's finally happening! 

I can't wait to experience a Buckeye weekend, especially after hearing about it from him and various Ohio friends for years now. As an added bonus, they're playing the Gophers, so there's a little hometown pride thrown in the mix as well! The Shoe, the campus, the tailgating (all day, it's a night game, hooray!), and most of all...THAT BAND. 

Here's to a fantastic weekend. May my toes stay warm and my liver not hate me too much by the end of it!