Lately I'm Loving

Things making me smile/on my mind/causing distraction these days: 

This oh my god this. I died a little inside at "A woman in an absurd hat is being an absolute bitch to you." And then died all the way at "You are in a garden, and you are astonished." This is actually now all I aspire to in life. But that's old news. 

This insanely adorable baby koala made my day yesterday. I now have the overpowering desire to quit my job and go work at that wildlife park, cuddling tiny koalas for a living. 

I love eating out in the Twin Cities, primarily because we have such a fun and dynamic food scene. MSP Mag just did a "cheffy cheeseburger crawl" and after reading their reviews, I'm dying to hit these new hotspots at a time, not five-in-one-afternoon like they did! 

I've loved following the Irish this season, even though they continue to take months (years) off my life every Saturday. This NBC Sports article made my heart all warm and fuzzy (even allowing for the bias that NBC obviously carries toward their golden revenue machine). Here's to a bright future of winning records and bowl games and all that jazz...hopefully! 

Tis the season to start obsessively shopping for Christmas presents for all my favorite people...and window-shopping for myself in the process! I'm newly obsessed with Anthropologie's offerings from Molly Hatch. While I've already collected the juice glasses courtesy of my mama, I've got my eye on the coffee mugs, travel thermos, and tea caddy. Essentially I just want every drink receptacle in my life to come with words of affirmation because I am basic that way.