Sunday Brunch: The Freehouse

Oh man, you guys. So behind on brunch. Both eating it, and writing about it. Way the heck back in early September, my sister Emily came home to visit for ten whole days, and we had an absolutely amazing brunch at The Freehouse the day she left! 


The Freehouse is the newest member of the Blue Plate restaurant family, home to several of my favorite Twin Cities brunches including The Highland Grill, The Lowry and the Edina Grill. In my opinion, The Freehouse knocks them out of the water as far as appearances go, at least. As a brew pub, the decor leaned heavily on beer...from the keg ceiling lights to art made out of bottle caps. The big bar was super sleek and cool and the outdoor patio looked beautiful as well. 

core: 10/10


I enjoyed a "Molly Pitcher Martini," which was a blend of cherry vodka, lemon, a dash of vanilla bitters, and prosecco. It was DAMN good. We also tried their beers, and I enjoyed the wheat...nice, unoffensive, and flavorful. 

Score: 9/10


SO good. I had the breakfast sandwich, which was served on the lightest, fluffiest English muffin I've ever seen: 

We all also really wanted to try the special, the "Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes," but nobody was in the mood for a whole serving of them. Devin, our AMAZING server, was kind enough to bring a half-order to the table as a surprise for us after hearing how we dithered over whether to order them or not. On top of that, he comped them as a "taste test" for the table. WHAT fantastic service...he truly added to the entire experience with candid reviews of the menu and that action. (In case you were wondering, the pancakes were divine. If they have pancake specials, you should go for it.)

10/10 (plus a bonus point for Devin!)

To visit The Freehouse, head here! Otherwise, check out some of the other amazing places I've been and let me know if you have suggestions!