The girliest girl.

I enjoy being a girl very, very much, and I am a fairly stereotypical girly girl. Few things give me more pleasure than shopping. Once, Jon tried to throw out a bunch of my shoes that I "hadn't worn in a while," and I had a real live panic attack. Pink has been my favorite on and off for a long time. And I adore little girly indulgences. Here are some of my favorites lately...because everyone needs something fun to get them through January:

I've already covered my adoration for A La Mode. The salon is pink, it smells pretty, they play good music, and I've never had a bad manicure. I've been treating myself to shellac manis since June, and I love them a lot. Check out some of the sweet manicures I've had this fall:

I also have quite the collection of nail polish myself, and since my shellac manis last 3 weeks, I'm getting out my polish addiction on fun pedicures. Who doesn't love candy-bright colors with fun names like "Tart Deco" and "Pilates Hottie?" Sign me up. 

We've covered my love of candles, and I think few things are girlier and more fun than delicious smelling girly ones. I light one in the bathroom every time I take a bath, and there are always a few that are on rotation in my bedroom for nights of Netflix or reading in bed. Every time I've stopped in Anthropologie lately, I've found myself smelling these guys...I'm thinking I may buy myself one as a treat this February to reward myself for surviving January!

One of my favorite things to do these days as nights grow ever more bone-chilling and my weekends start to slow down a little is to spend my Sunday nights all to myself beautifying. I'm a new convert to the joys of Lush bath bombs...they're uniformly delicious-smelling and incredibly fun, and who doesn't love soaking in a steamy rainbow-y bath?! I pop one in, get all lathered up in a Queen Helene Mint Julep face mask and a Bumble&bumble Mending Complex deep conditioner, and just chill out. Follow it up with Clinique 7-day Scrub, Garden of Eden shea butter lotion (Vanilla Fig is my fall-and-winter fave), and call it a very, very relaxed night. 


And last but not least, I've stolen a page from Marilyn Monroe's book. It may not be Chanel No. 5, but every night I wear a few spritzes of perfume to bed. Because, why the hell not? Who cares if I'm sleeping's just a fun, incredibly indulgent little something to send me off to sleep with a smile. 

Here's to femininity, and to feminine vices. Long live the girly girl. We all know she has more fun!