Sunday Brunch: Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen

Last weekend turned out to be a weekend that called for a LOT of girl time. What is it about late July that causes drama? Does the heat make people go nuts? At any rate, several of my girlfriends had that kind of week last week, and I can't think of a better environment to bitch it all out in than over brunch. (Isn't there something just girly and fun about brunch in general?)

It seemed particularly appropriate that Courtney, Steph and I ended up at the cutest little brunch place I've ever seen for a ladies-only catch-up. The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen, which opened in May, was easily one of the most cohesive and appealing brunch destinations I've visited lately...and we all know I love my brunch :)



Described in a Yelp review as "Pinterest-y, but in a beautiful way," Copper Hen fused the best of farmhouse chic with French country appeal. The façade of the building immediately made me think of my favorite pubs in London, but upon entering the bright, whitewashed brick and exposed beaming brought "Under The Tuscan Sun" to mind. Add some pretty, dark wood tables, exposed bulb lighting, and the cutest little crocks of wildflowers on each table, and I was sold. And there's the most darling quote about a hen on the wall too, which won me over right away. 

Score: 10/10


Meals at weekend brunch include a glass of fresh-pressed orange juice or Dogwood Coffee, and all three of us went with the coffee. I really enjoyed was a really robust brew and didn't really need the copious amounts of fresh cream and raw sugar that I liberally added. Free refills for the win. 


Score: 6/10


In a very unique structure that really worked for them--Copper Hen runs a limited weekend breakfast menu of only three entrée options.  The menu always features the fresh yogurt parfait with local honey, as well as the farmers' breakfast, which consists of eggs prepared to order, bacon or sausage, creamed kale, a root vegetable hash, and french toast with whipped bourbon butter. Additionally, every weekend features a chef's choice, which was quiche on Sunday. Because I am a quiche fiend, I ordered the vegetarian option of spinach, tomato and chevre--Steph and Courtney both had the farmers' breakfast. My quiche was served with a small arugula salad, and was pretty good despite the super small portion--covered in rich bearnaise, the crust was bready and the eggs were dense but fluffy. The fillings, however, were sparse. Steph said the creamed kale was the best thing she's ever tasted, and the french toast (in gluten-free format, too!) won solid reviews from Courtney. 

BUT. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the best best part of the entire meal. Copper Hen is, after all, called a "cakery and kitchen," and they've already garnered local fame for their fantastic pastries. I was informed by a coworker that I would be hugely missing out if I skipped the Blueberry Bacon Breakfast Cupcake...which was as weird and perfect and out-there as it sounds. With a tangy cream cheese frosting and liberal amounts of both candied bacon and blueberries in the dense, almost pound-cake-esque cake, Steph and I were nearly licking our fingers. See below: 

Score: 7/10 (mostly for the cupcake!)

 To check out The Copper Hen for yourself, visit And just to end on a high note...with attractive lady friends like this, who wouldn't want to eat girls-only brunch every weekend?