Sunday Brunch: Spill The Wine

Sometimes, when I sit down to write up these brunch posts, I think to myself, "Oh goddddd, not another brunch recap, I mean, how many interesting ways can you describe eggs?" Then I look at pictures, and I think to myself "Oh holy shit, pear ginger mimosas, the world NEEDS to know about these, why the hell not." And that, my friends, is why you are being treated to 100 different brunches over the course of the next three years. Virtually, not in reality, duh, because who could afford to treat someone to 100 brunches? Not me, campers, not me. 

Now that I've shamelessly justified my continuing obsession with all things breakfast-and-boozy, onward! I genuinely feel the need to preface this recap with the fact that this is the drunkest I have gotten at brunch in awhile. I wasn't drunk, but I was definitely, deliciously tipsy. This is due in large part to the aforementioned mimosas. 

I hit up Spill the Wine on a Saturday with my favorite girls. We had a blast chatting about everything from crop tops to boy drama, as per is good when you have friends, food and endless time to kill!


Spill the Wine used to be riiiiight across the street from the Guthrie Theater, one of my absolute favorite places in the Twin Cities, and my mom and I have had many a pre-show wine flight there (by that, I mean we've had exactly one. But whatever.). Since the location moved to Uptown, the menu has dramatically expanded, the space has been revamped and the ambiance has rocketed off-the-charts. The bar is made of wine barrels, the light fixtures are classic industrial-chic, and the entire space feels like a young, trendy open loft. Use of gorgeous woods, including planter-wall pallets and shining polished wine rack ladders, warmed up the space, while concrete floors and metal chairs/bar tops kept things modern. One downside? Parking is absolutely's in a super-congested area of Uptown and there's just a tiny backlot, so leave a few extra minutes to find a spot on the street!

Score: 9/10


Here's where you completely lose me to my delicious cava-soaked memories, team. Spill the Wine's brunch beverage feature is the "Mason Jar Mimosa:" infusions of delicious Spanish cava wine with four different, totally out-of-the-box flavor combinations. I sampled three of the four through their $12 bottomless mimosa deal (price for one: $8): ginger pear (top right), strawberry basil (left), and coconut pecan (bottom right). The ginger pear was easily the standout, followed closely by the coconut pecan--both combinations played nicely together and were as surprising on the last sip as the first. 

Score: 10/10


Let's combine three of the trendiest, yuppiest things in food right now, right this minute: skillets, macaroni and cheese, fried egg. Bam! You've got Spill the Wine's breakfast mac and cheese, which was served on an English muffin crust in a precious little skillet with caramelized onion, crumbled bacon, and a delicious soft-yolk fried egg on top. It was heavenly. It was scrumptious. It was equal parts gooey, crispy, savory and toothsome. It was something I would eat every day...except then my friends would have to roll me out the door...

As a side note, Steph's lemon curd and ricotta pancakes looked amazing too. The menu in general was super intriguing and appealing. This is a place I'd repeat for sure. 

Score: 9/10


To check out Spill the Wine for yourself, visit, or check out other awesome Twin Cities brunch spots here!