Resolutionizing: February/March Update

Guys! Once upon a time I made resolutions and I'm actually keeping...some of them! To amaze  you all with my resolutionizing prowess and excellent willpower, I'm going to recap and check in on the last TWO months' worth of resolutions and their current status. Ready? Set? GO!

1. Cook at least one new recipe a week.

Status: LOL RIGHT. Let's laugh together and go order take-out or find another excuse to have happy hour for dinner, shall we?

2. Manage my closet/shopping habits in conjunction with each other more effectively. 

Status: So much shopping. Um, not thrilled about that. BUT I got rid of a ton of old stuff (goodbye, sweaters I've had since freshman year of college! Goodbye, polos I wore to work in high school!), so there's that. And I had a LOT of gift cards from my birthday, guys. 

3. Have at least one "event date" a month with Jon. 

Status: Well the last week of February was one big old fantabulous date of magic in Puerto Rico ...which I still can't help but smile when I remember! And I'm going to let that carry me through on this one, because we've had a bit of a March dry spell with nasty weather, lots of work and studying, and other obligations getting in the way. We did have an utterly lovely evening last Sunday though...took advantage of 60-degree weather and had dinner outside at my new favorite taco restaurant in Uptown. It was delightful :)

4. Focus on continuing friendships. 

Status: I'm looooving this one. I've had so much fun getting together with friends, hosting and attending birthday parties, and being spontaneous AND structured at the same time. I really adore and am so thankful for the community of people I have around me here in Minny. Lucky girl, right here. 

5. Call my grandma regularly. 

Status: Folks, I call my grandma. And I love it. It's one of my better resolutions, I think. And one Sunday afternoon, when my family was gone and Jon was gone, I called her and we decided to hang out. Sooo I just drove my butt up to her house and we drank wine and gossiped for three hours. How cool is it that I am friends with my grandma? I love it. Let me reiterate: Love this resolution. Grandparents are awesome. 

6. Grow some succulents. 

Status: Um. See cooking resolution. Domesticity hasn't been my thing lately...

7. Write more!

Status: SUCCESS! So much writing! I've felt really inspired again and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm re-finding my voice. This is a good, good I wholly attribute to making this little corner of the internet my own. 

8. Stop leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor. 

Status: There is currently no pile of clothes on the floor. Let's just call THAT a success and wait til tomorrow to re-evaluate the long-range success of this goal, yes? Yes. Okay, moving on. 

9. Make smart, healthy choices. 

Status: Ack. February and March have been on-and-off unkind on this one. Rather, I've been a lazy bum. A week of drinking rummy drinks and not doing a whole lot in Puerto Rico didn't help. Neither did the week of birthday celebrations I kicked February off with. To top it all off, barre started to really aggravate my right ankle, and I sprained it dancing around like a dumbass in my parents' kitchen. Yesterday was my first long, hard gym trip in way too long, and it felt great but I need to work on this one HARD. 

10. Focus on maintaining a positive outlook. 

Status: Another work in progress here, and that's all we're going to say about that one. :)