My Grown-Up Christmas List: 2014

So, we're not really doing a typical Christmas this year, because my parents are gifting my sister and me our plane tickets to Paris this May in lieu of gifts...and I, for one, think that is très très bon. If I had a fairy godmother though, or if money grew on 7-foot fake Douglas Firs from Target...or if we weren't going to have a grand Parisian adventure...this is what would be on my list this year!


-- "She," Kobi Yamada: I have loved this book every time I've spotted it somewhere and flipped through a quote or two. It's charming and inspiring and incredibly cute. 

-- "Sucré: The Ladurée Sweet Recipes:" Because my love for Ladurée macarons and silver-gilt packaging and their Rococo jewel-boxes of stores on the Rue Royale, the Rive Gauche, and the Champs Elysées will never abate. 

--The Penguin Drop-Cap Series: Oh my god, I adore special editions of well-loved classics. I was that nerd who collected the Barnes and Noble Classic Editions of, well, classics way back in middle school, and I've also adored the Mr. Boddington Penguin Classics (I have two). These Drop-Cap series make me's every author's last initial, hand-drawn to fit the theme or motif of the novel selected. I WANT THEM ALL...but I'll settle for "Leaves of Grass," "My Antonia," "Cannery Row," and/or "Moby Dick."


--Anthropologie Marrakech Curtain: Aren't these gorgeous?? I want one...just cobalt for my bedroom. Be still, my beating heart!

--Vintage marquee "L" light: Because I am basic, initials are fun, it matches my bedroom, and marquee lights are so hot right now.

-- AlbieDesigns's Minneapolis and St. Paul prints: I have a blank wall that is screaming for these. I love that my previous and current employers are visible in their respective prints, and anything featuring my favorite skylines is a win in my book. 

Gems and Jewels: 

--DogEared "Teeny Wishbone Necklace:" I'm not a huge, huge necklace wearer, but I love tiny, delicate pieces. This one is adorable and I like the reminder that wishes do come true...if you make them happen. 

--Anthropologie "Last Snow Drops:" I've thought these were so pretty for the longest time, and I love the versatile, smoky grey-brown color. 

--Anthropologie Arca Jewelry Boxes: Because who doesn't need somewhere to store and, more importantly, display all those gorgeous baubles?


Santa, in my dream world, you'd be good to me and shimmy on down that chimney as fast as possible. But as it is, merci beaucoup for my plane ticket!! Paris, je vous attends!